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PVC output (enterprise)

  • Calcium carbide method enterprise
  • Ethylene method enterprise
  • Paste resin enterprise

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Unit: '000mt/m

Opt Product name Company name Jun 2021 Jul 2021 Aug 2021 Sep 2021 Oct 2021 MoM
PVC Hebei Shenghua Chemical
PVC Tangshan Chlor - Alkali
PVC Inner Mongolia Junzheng Energy & Chemical
PVC Inner Mongolia Sanlian Chemical
PVC Inner Mongolia Yihua Chemical
PVC Inner Mongolia Yidong Group Dongxing Chemical
PVC Inner Mongolia Wuhai Chemical
PVC Inner Mongolia Elion Chemical Industry
PVC East Hope Baotou Sea Level Polymer Industry
PVC Inner Mongolia Zhonggu Mining Industry
PVC Inner Mongolia Ordos Electro-metallurgical
PVC China National Salt Industry Jilantai Salt Chemical Group
PVC Shanxi Yushe Chemical
PVC Huojia Industrial
PVC Yangquan Coal Xiyang Chlor-alkali
PVC Shanxi Ruiheng Chemical
PVC China Pingmei Shenma Group-Henan Shenma Chlor - Alkali development
PVC Haohua Yuhang Chemical
PVC Henan Lianchuang Chemical
PVC Jiyuan Fangsheng
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